Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Organix Mighty Meals - Product Review

We have been sent some Mighty Meals from Organix for BabyG to review. I was unsure how this would go as we have never really given him jars of food. He has been weened on home cooked food and prefers that to baby food.

These meals are not like the average baby food. They have big bits of pasta and veg in them and they look really tasty! Marketed for 1-3 year olds we gave the whole thing to 1 year old BabyG and he must have loved it as he ate almost all of it! He kept saying 'mor mor mor!' and was using his hands as well as his spoon. I didn't taste the meals myself so I can't comment on them but for BabyG to eat so much of something that came ready prepared they must be good! 

These are great to have in the cupboard for when you are running late with tea or if the grown ups are having something the baby can't eat like something spicy. They don't need to be kept in the fridge and they have a really long shelf life. They can be heated up in a pan of water or in the microwave for just 40 seconds so they are really convenient!

With all Organix products, there is the 'no junk promise' so everything in these meals is healthy, nutritious, wholesome and organic. 

We were sent these by Organix but they are available in most supermarkets and we will definitely be buying these again in the future!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal System - Product Review

I have been sent a nappy wrapping system from Tommee Tippee to review. I was really pleased to receive this as I had always wondered about getting one when BoyG was a baby but never got around to making the decision. We usually just put the dirty nappy in a nappy sack and take it downstairs and out to the black bin. This is what happens in theory anyway.... But when it is the middle of the night or you are doing a million things at once like most mums are, the odd nappy gets forgotten and ends up sitting in baby's room waiting for you to remember it and take it down to the bin. Either that or it gets left in the hallway at the top of the stairs ready to take down but again they get forgotten, or ignored when feeling lazy!

So when I received the Sangenic Nappy Disposal System I thought it was a great opportunity to try it out and hopefully see the last of those forgotten nappy sacks which are not the nicest of things even when double bagged!
We have used this loads. All of us have pitched in (with exception of BabyG). The design is so simple to use that even BoyG now helps with using this as he likes to feel included and to be helpful.
To use it, you lift the lid up and put the dirty nappy in. Push it down slightly, turn the handle around which twists the bag around the nappy, and then close the lid ready for the next nappy. It isn't huge so fits nicely into BabyG's room. I did wonder if it would be effective at keeping the room smelling fresh as nappy bags are not always very efficient for this. But actually the smells all stay in the nappy bin although when it is time to empty it, it can be a little bit pongy while the lid is off and you are taking all the nappies out. I tend to empty it sooner rather than when it is full to the top to avoid this, and I leave the lid off for an hour with a window open to make sure it stays nice and fresh.
Key facts about this item:
  • This offers proven protection from germs and odours
  • Twists & Locks away germs and odours
  • Antibacterial protection – film kills 99% of germs on contact
  • Nappies are individually sealed away in seconds.
  • Comes with one pre-loaded cassette
  • Each refill cassette lasts up to a month
  • Refill cassettes can be purchased in most supermarkets.
  • The tub holds up to 28 nappies
  • 100 times more effective at odour protection than nappy sacks
This has been great and I wish I had bought one the first time round. I would definitely recommend these to anyone with a child in nappies.
I was sent this nappy system by Tommee Tippee. They are available to purchase from supermarkets, on line retailers or directly from Tommee Tippee for £24.99