Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Keeping in touch

I haven't blogged in a while. It seems like its been so hectic here and non stop! So just a quick post today to keep in the loop and then I will make time for another post soon!

DaddyG has decided he hates diy... After we have started re doing our bedroom! And we have someone coming to fit some wardrobes in less than a week!!!! Lucky i can do some grafting then!!! Its coming along nicely and im ready to start the base coat of paint tonite. I can't wait to have a bedroom again instead of a building again! BoyG asked me today 'why do you keep your bedroom so messy?' Um because theres decorating things everywhere and no cupboards to put anything in!!

We had some fun in the snow with me and BoyG. We bought a sledge. A day before the snow went away!!

BoyG has his swimming lessons today... This should be fun!! Although we did go swimming with some friends this week so he may be a little more confident... Or he may still hate it....

BabyG had his cardiac check up last errk. Everything in his heart is doing what it should be and the doctors are really pleased with him. We knew he was fine but its still such a relief everytime they check him and tell us there is nothing to worry about. BabyG was in hospital inbetween Christmas and New Year with bronchiolitis again but he is doing fine now. Nice and healthy and strong which is what we like :0)

Ill be back with another post soon!!

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