Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Homemade pizza - simple, easy and lots of fun!

BoyG told me he wanted his favourite for tea. When asked what that was he replied 'Pizzzzzaaaaa'. Well I first thought about Pizza Hut but I'm on a diet and didn't really want to eat pizza, and I didn't really want to pay for Pizza Hut for just BoyG when DaddyG was at work and I wasn't eating. But just before I told him we couldn't go, I had a brainwave.... Homemade pizza!! So we got some ingredients, BoyG's apron on and tied, hands washed, and we made pizza!

First of all, it doesn't need to cost a fortune. We used very basic ingredients on ours. Value pizza base, value ham slices, Tesco pepperoni slices, Tesco pre grated cheddar cheese and value tomato puree. We used a pizza stone. I'm sure you could use a baking tray but I have a Pampered Chef pizza stone that I use for anything like this, or even just for baking cookies on and it works brilliantly.

BoyG's step by step pizza guide;

He squeezed the tomato puree onto the pizza base then spread it around evenly with a tablespoon.

Next, he sprinkled the cheese on top of the puree so that it covered the pizza

BoyG does all his own quality control checks so the next step was to check the pepperoni was good enough.

Once he knew the pepperoni was good, he carefully put pieces on top of the cheese.

BoyG put a piece of ham on top of each piece of pepperoni then a little bit more cheese and then it was time to put the pizza in the oven.

We followed the directions on the packaging of the pizza base for temperature and timing.

 BoyG had pizza for his dinner and saved some for DaddyG while I had a healthier alternative. BoyG loved making pizza with me. We will definitly do this again.

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