Saturday, 27 July 2013

Today's Mini Moment - Knorr stock pots

I have been sent some Knorr stock pots and gravy pots. They are something I have thought about using but never thought to try them. Now I wonder how I lived without them - I have been using these in almost everything!

I have used them to enhance the flavours in more detailed dishes and used them as the main ingredient in quick, easy and filling lunches. I have even used the vegetable stock pot to season my rice, and the beef stock pot to add extra flavour to a home made curry.

My sweet and sour chicken is a hit at dinner time in this house. I added the herb infusion to it and it made it even tastier. You could really taste the herbs!

I also used the herb infusion in a lunch time dish which has become a favourite with DaddyG, BoyG and even BabyG!! I simply mixed some cooked pasta with a herb infusion pot and some chopped up cooked sausages. Seasoned with salt and pepper to taste. That's it! Simple!

I was sent these products by Knorr, but they are available in most supermarkets.

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