Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Pyrex Flexi Twist For Kids - Product Review

Ive been agonising for weeks over what to do for BoyG's Birthday cake for his 4th Birthday, and then I get a parcel through the door from Pyrex with some Flexi Twist For Kids products. Included in the package was a silicone loaf tin with 'Happy Birthday' embossed in it!

So the decision was made! I would be making a banana and choc chip loaf cake using my Nanny's secret recipe!

This was a learning experience for me as I usually do this in a loaf tin with a liner, and I have never decorated one before so I had to think about the best way to do it. I didn't know if icing the top would ruin the lovely message in the cake so I opted for a chocolate cake covering that can be melted and poured over the top. Again this is a first for me as when icing a cake I usually make my own butter cream frosting.

So.... How did I get on....?

The first attempt at the cake was great... So good that someone small got a teeny bit too excited and ate some cake while it was cooling!!

Take 2.....

The second cake also came out good. Its so easy to get the cake out of the mold and the lettering on the top was near perfect.
For the icing, I decided to use a block of chocolate flavour cake covering. I just melted it in the microwave and as I didn't want it too heavy in case it ruined it, I used a pastry brush to carefully brush the melted chocolate on and then sprinkled some sprinkles over the top. The message didn't stand out very well after the chocolate covering so DaddyG used an icing set and outlined the letters with green icing. This worked but in the future when using this mold I would pick a recipe that doesn't need an icing so you can see the message more clearly.

I will definitely use this again, and the packaging does have a recipe printed inside so I will give that a go next time.

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