Thursday, 24 October 2013

Todays Mini Moment - Tommee Tippee Aeroplane Spoons

These spoons are a fun alternative for meal times. Both boys loved these with BoyG eating a bit more of his food than normal as he thinks he is super cool to have a spoon that is also a jet plane! BabyG always eats his meals but lately myself and DaddyG are not allowed to feed him. He is getting independent already and refuses to let even his big brother feed him anymore. Everything has to be put onto his tray for him to use his hands. This is good for his development and we don't really mind but it can get a tad messy! These spoons were great though as BabyG thought it was amusing that we were making silly noises whilst trying to feed him. He does let us feed him with the aeroplane spoons as long as he has something to feed himself with as well.

These are marketed as 4+ months and are ideally meant for weaning but as I said, BoyG loves them and he has just turned 4 years old so they will last for a long time!

The Aeroplane spoon has added some fun to dinner time in our house. And if the boys are happy to eat their food then I am a happy mummy indeed!!
The spoons come in a pack of 2 in either blue or pink and are available from a range of stockists including Asda, Tesco and Babies R Us. You can find a list of stockists on the Tommee Tippee website.

These spoons were sent to us to review from Tommee Tippee.

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