Monday, 19 August 2013

Organix - product review

Like most mums, I try to give my children healthy food. BabyG is very healthy and will eat absolutely anything. BoyG on the other hand can be very fussy indeed which can make it tough to keep him eating healthy food.
I am always looking for different food ideas to try that are healthy and taste good so that even my fussy eater will enjoy eating it. It is even better if it is quick and easy as I have my hands full with a bright little 4 year old that keeps me busy and a crawling baby that is into everything so I need eyes in the back of my head and can't turn away for too long!
I have been sent some products from Organix for my mini taste testers to approve. Here are the products they tried and what we thought....
The first thing we tried were the Mighty Soups. From my point of view they are great as they don't need to be chilled so they can be stored in a cupboard until you are ready to use them, they are healthy and have lots of veggies in them to keep those boys nice and healthy, and they are convenient. I just take a pot out of the cupboard, take the lid off, heat it in the microwave and it is ready. Both boys loved them! BoyG preferred the tasty sweetcorn and noodles one while BabyG favoured the tangy tomato and pasta one.
The Mighty Soups are recommended for 1-3 year olds. This worked well for us as my slightly less than 1 year old eats well and my 4 year old doesn't eat much so one pot of soup can be eaten between the two boys.
These have been great for a quick and healthy lunch teamed with a slice of toast.
We also tried the pots of fruit puree. The boys loved these! We tried these in apple & mango, apple & raspberry, and apple & banana. They both enjoyed all flavours but BoyG decided that the apple & raspberry one was the best.
These are great on their own as a quick snack or pudding. As a breakfast we added the fruit pot to weetabix and milk, and for a special dessert treat for BoyG we mixed a pot of fruit with some crumbled meringue. These are just so versatile, there are loads of things you could do with them which is great for keeping little ones interested.
I try not to give either of the boys crisps too often so I was really pleased to receive the Strawberry Rice Cakes as a healthy alternative. They are nice and sweet without having any sugar added to them, so the boys were keen to eat these. BabyG loves rice cakes and these did not disappoint him. He enjoyed them, and BoyG kept asking for 'just one more' as well. I found these were great to have in the change bag as a quick mess free snack for when we were out and about. They were also good to have at home as something extra to have with lunch instead of crisps. I thought BoyG would protest at having rice cakes instead of crisps but he really enjoyed them with no fuss at all.
Organix have a 'No Junk Promise' which means they guarantee their food is made with nothing but the best quality organic ingredients - with nothing unnecessary added and nothing important taken away.
We were sent these products by Organix but they are available to purchase from most supermarkets or directly from Organix.

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