Thursday, 14 February 2013

British Heart Foundation - Display in Covent Garden

I went into London last weekend as my cousin was over from America for the first time and we wanted to show her the sights. We took her to Covent Garden so we could show her all the quaint little shops and the street performers. As we came out of the shops we came across a display by the British Heart Foundation trying to raise money and awareness.

There were five wire cages, one heart shaped and four spelling out the word LOVE. It caught my attention straight away so I went over for a closer look if you have read my earlier blog posts you will know about BabyG being poorly when he was still very small. He had problems with his heart and had an 8 day stay in hospital in London during which time he had to have open heart surgery. So I'm sure you can appreciate that this charity is one I support and am happy to promote.

So I went over to see what it was all about. The metal cages were covered with metal tags in heart shapes, held on with padlocks. Messages had been hand written on the tags. They were asking people for a donation of £3 and for this donation you got a packet with a heart tag, and a padlock. I decided straight away that I needed to take part in this as a celebration of my BabyG.

This was a wonderful idea. It was so effective, and eye catching, making people want to come over and see what was happening.

BabyG fit and healthy
You can find more information about the British Heart Foundation and you can make a donation if you like on their website.

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