Sunday, 24 February 2013

The perfect bottle in less than 2 minutes - Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

I was invited to the launch of an amazing new product from Tommee Tippee. It was held at the ExCel baby show in London. I travelled up there with my Mum and the two boys by train.

We got there early enough to have a look round the baby show at some of the stands, then we dropped BoyG off at the Fisher Price creche and made our way to the product launch.

It had all been kept very secret so the first we knew about it was at the show. Wow! What an amazing machine!!

The new product is called the Perfect Prep and it is for formula fed babies. It helps make the bottles up and makes them body temperature so that the milk is even more natural like breast milk. It does this in less than 3 minutes!
You put tap water straight into the machine which has a built in filter. You can set the correct bottle size in ounces and put your empty bottle on the stand. The stand can be moved higher or lower depending on how tall the bottle is. So you can use most makes of bottle with it.

Once the bottle is on the stand, you press a button and an initial hot shot will come out at 72*. This is hot enough to kill any bacteria which might be found in the formula powder. The machine will then beep to let you know it is time for the next step.

You then remove the bottle and add the correct amount of formula to the bottle, cover with the bottle cover and shake until the powder has dissolved. Then after removing the bottle cover, place the bottle back on the stand and touch the same button again which will fill up the rest of the water at body temperature. The bottle is ready for baby.

What an amazing concept!! No more waiting for the kettle to boil in the night when baby is crying for their milk! It is a lot faster than boiling the kettle then waiting for the water to cool down. Also, safer than pouring boiling water out at eye level.

The Perfect Prep has several warning alerts built into it, so for example it lets you know when the filter needs changing, or if the machine needs de scaleing.

One of the things I like the most about this product is the lime scale alert. When you use kettle water for making bottles it is so hard to do it without getting at least a tiny bit of lime scale in the water. This product just gives your baby perfect water in the bottle without any lime scale. And when it needs descaleing, the Perfect Prep will tell you!

The Perfect Prep machine is part of the closer to nature range from tommee tippee. As I mentioned before, it has been designed to fit most bottle shapes and sizes. It is available from the first week of May from Amazon and Babies r Us, and costs £99.99. You can also pre order his now from Amazon.

There is a special price this weekend of £66.66 to pre order the Perfect Prep at the baby show.

Below is a discount code so you can also pre order at the baby show price from Amazon.

9DIC8VIU discount code valid until 3/3/13


  1. "so that the milk is even more natural like breast milk."

    sorry, but formula milk is not natural like breastmilk - in posting this and suggesting that formula is like breastmilk, you are breaking the WHO guidelines on the promotion of breastmilk substitutes.

  2. that is not what is being said at all...all they are saying is that this helps make the formula the same temp as brestmilk...not that is supposed to be just like it...there is no promo of bm sub here....even on the tt website it says this is not to sub for bm but to help make the temp of the formula the same as it would be if you were brestfeeding...