Saturday, 2 March 2013

A walk in the park - feeding the ducks and playing on the toys

I like to take the boys out of the house but we always seem to end up in the soft play areas which are fine, but it can get expensive and I think BoyG gets bored of them fairly quickly if he goes too often. So I'm always looking for different ideas.

We have started going to the park to feed the ducks once a week. I go and buy a reduced or supermarkets own brand loaf of bread and we head over to Chantry Park. We feed the ducks some of the bread. I can get the bread that is reduced as it needs to be eaten that day but i can't take mouldy bread as a lot of it ends up in BoyG!!
There is a nice playground there which BoyG loves to run about in. He has a go on everything and if we haven't arranged to meet any of his friends there, then he quickly makes some new friends with the other children.
BabyG is still too small for playing in the park and it is still a little cold for him but he is wrapped up warm and all cosy in the buggy so he usually just has a snooze while I watch BoyG have all the fun. I'm sure it won't be too long before BabyG is joining in too!!

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  1. What a lovely idea. I totally agree that whilst the soft play places are great, they cost a ruddy fortune! Thanks for sharing your post with me on Twitter. I'll be back :)