Monday, 5 August 2013

Product review - Skribbies high-top trainers

Nanny was invited to an event in Chelsea for some cool new trainers called Skribbies. You can scribble on them and wipe it off again. This sounded great so me and both the boys tagged along too!

We got to the event and had a drink which was very welcome as it was so hot outside and we had just walked down Kings Road in sweltering heat!!

While we cooled down a bit, BoyG had a tattoo done with face paints and so did I as I am really one of the kids!!

Then we saw the Skribbies! BoyG unpacked his and took everything out. He had them on his feet very quickly! He loved the fact that he was allowed to scribble on his shoes without getting in trouble! And he thought it was magic that he could wipe it off and start again!!

A special visitor came by to see these new trainers while we were there.... BoyG (and Mummy!) was very excited to talk to Sid from CBeebies!!

BoyG has been wearing his new trainers since the event. He won't wear his usual favourite sandals anymore as these are the new faves! He loves them! He wears his wrist band with whichever colour pen he has chosen to take out. At least I don't have to argue about putting his shoes on when we go out.... I have to argue to get him to take them off!!

The only issue we have had is the soles do scuff the white bits fairly easily, and we found we need to wipe the pen off fairly quickly or it won't come off.

BoyG is very happy with his new shoes indeed! He would definitely recommend them!

BoyG was given these Skribbies to review but you can purchase them for £35.95 and they come in pink, navy blue or neon black.

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