Friday, 9 August 2013

Sophie's Steak Sauce - Product Review

Tonight DaddyG and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. We have got the boys tucked up in bed and we decided that rather than getting a sitter and going out, we would stay in, cook a nice meal, and catch up on some TV programmes we have missed. Sorry DaddyG, you will be watching Eastenders tonight!!

We chose a nice sirloin steak, homemade chips and good old baked beans!

I was given some steak sauce to review from Sophie's Steakhouse and Bar on Fulham Road, London on a recent day out with Nanny and the boys. What better time to try it than teamed with a delicious lean steak, my favourite! The steak and the steak sauce were made for each other. A perfect pair. The sauce is delicious, made with a secret recipe, and could be used with other food not just steak. In fact I had some with my macaroni cheese while I was at Sophie's and it went really nicely with that. While we were sitting having our meal, someone came in and bought 6 bottles of the sauce. This is what made us wonder what the fuss was about. Now we know!

I was kindly given this by Sophie's Steakhouse to try and review. You can purchase it from Sophie's for £3.65. It is also available from Selfridges&Co and Ocado.

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