Friday, 9 August 2013

Today's mini moment - Chobani strained yoghurt

I had some help with this review from DaddyG and BoyG.

I had the apple and cinnamon yoghurt. It actually tasted like a piece of apple pie! It was smooth with chunks of apple and tasted like I was having a naughty treat but actually I was having a very healthy treat as it is 0% fat!

I also tasted the cherry one and it was delicious. Really fresh and you can really taste the cherry!

DaddyG tried the blood orange one. He found it very refreshing. He really liked this one as it wasn't too sweet and he could really taste the flavour of the orange. DaddyG liked that it was smooth and creamy especially being fat free. 

BoyG tested the peach yoghurt. He liked the taste and has asked me to get them again for him. 

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