Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fish is the dish - Healthy Hearts - Quick and easy dinners

I just want to share a couple of dishes I did with fish for BoyG and myself. Just to show you can have a quick and cost effective meal using fish. Although I like to jazz up the dinners I cook and get a 'wow' from DaddyG or BoyG, I also love cooking meals that are quick, easy, and use few ingredients.

For a hungry and tired BoyG, I cooked some pasta (he chose the 'bumpy' spaghetti!), and put the steamer on top of the pasta pan to steam a piece of salmon. I flaked the salmon and mixed it with the pasta, some passata, ground pepper, dried oregano and dried basil. I was apprehensive as he is fussy but I know he has had fish and usually likes it.
Well, he loved it!! No complaints at all! So this will be done again for him! There was enough salmon for BabyG to have some as well.

And for a hungry and tired MummyG, I made up a packet of flavoured rice, put some wild haddock in the oven to cook through and then mixed the two together and served it with broccoli.
Two cost and time efficient meals that even FussyG, I mean BoyG will eat ;0)

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