Friday, 3 May 2013

Rainy day idea - salt dough

OK so it wasn't actually raining when we played with salt dough but it is a good idea for something to do next time that it is raining and you are stuck for things to do with a bored small person.

BoyG loves anything crafty like this. I have never made salt dough before and the recipes I found all looked simple so I wanted to give it a go. BoyG had a friend over and we decided to try it out.

The ingredients:
Half a cup of salt, Half a cup of flour, 1 cup of water
The method:
Stir the salt into the flour and add the water slowly. If it is too wet then you can add a little more flour. When it is all mixed together you knead it like you would a bread dough and then it is ready to roll out and cut shapes from it with cookie cutters. Put the shaped on a plate in the microwave and heat for 2 mins and then check how they are doing. Then give them another minute if needed or you can give them 20 secs at a time if they are nearly done. When they are cooled they are ready to paint!

This was fun for all of us. We will be doing this again!

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