Thursday, 2 May 2013

Milton travel dummy steriliser

I was given this travel dummy steriliser to review by Milton.

It comes with some mini Milton tablets and when they run out you can buy more in most Milton stockists. It also comes with instructions and a velcro tie so that you can hang the mini steriliser somewhere convenient. I stuck mine on the side of the change bag and it was very handy when out and BabyG kept dropping his dummies on the floor! It was in constant use!!

Once you have made up the Milton solution, it will stay sterile and ready to use for 24 hours. It takes just 15 minutes to sterilise a dummy and the dummy will stay sterile in the pot as long as the solution is less than 24 hours old. I found it best to have two dummies while out. One already to use in the steriliser and one ready to use for BabyG. That way he still had one to use while the other was being sterilised. Milton say that this is 100% watertight. I am always dubious when I read that kind of statement but in fact it really is leak proof and it did not leak once.

The dummy steriliser is available in blue, green or purple but we chose blue as it matched the dummies we had for BabyG!

I was given this by Milton while at the Excel baby show but these are available to but on line and in Milton stockists.

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