Sunday, 5 May 2013

Ronald McDonald Housing Trust - Fundraising

I am doing some fund raising for the Ronald McDonald house near Guys and St Thomas hospital in London. Here is just some background info so you can see why I want to support them.

My son was rushed to hospital at just 10 days old. We had no idea what was wrong with him. He was transferred by ambulance to the Evelina hospital in London where they found out by further tests that it was a problem with his heart and the aorta being much too narrow so the blood couldn't circulate through his heart properly. There were other issues too but this was the main problem and this is what needed to be dealt with. He had to have open heart surgery at 11 days old and was put on heart bypass.
He is such a fighter that he survived that big operation and was back home one week later! He is now 8 months old, strong and healthy.

This is Riley just before going into surgery

This is a happy and healthy Riley now
We have so many people to thank for him being here today. My brother is fund raising for the Evelina in August by arranging a fun day. I want to raise some money for the Ronald McDonald house that we stayed in. They let us stay in a room in the hospital so we had somewhere to sleep, rest, wash, store our things etc. Then they let us stay in a room at the house nearby for as long as we needed to. Again at the house we could store our things, we had somewhere to wash, a kitchen to use to prepare meals. Without this charity we would have had to stay in a hotel in central London which would have cost the earth and we wouldn't have been so nearby to our baby who needed us at his side. It would have all been an extra worry when we really needed to put all our thoughts into our baby.

We just want to raise some money for them so we can give something back, and so that they can continue to help other families who are unfortunate enough to be in the same position as we were.

I have set up a just giving page here so please feel free to donate via this page or by sending a text to 70070 with the code MCRA99 and the amount you wish to donate. For example MCRA99 £5. We are aiming to reach a target of £500 and then we can have a leaf on their 'tree of life' and have Riley's name put on it. The tree of life is in the Ronald McDonald house and you can donate money to have a leaf which is actually a plaque. You can then choose what words go on the plaque and everyone who visits that house will be able to see it.

I will be doing some more fund raising events to help reach this target so will update here on my blog.
Please feel free to follow my blog for updates and comment with any ideas, suggestions or thoughts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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