Friday, 23 November 2012

Chad Valley App

In this day, children are so good with technology, I think they can do more than their parents! BoyG often sits and plays with DaddyG's ipad.

I downloaded a free app onto DaddyG's ipad for BoyG to play with, called Chad Valley Playtime. There is also a paid version which is £1.99. We had a go with the free version. It was really good and kept BoyG occupied for ages. He loved it so much that I eventually gave in and got the extended version.

This app has all the things BoyG loves but all in one app. It has puzzles with a choice of levels, there are colouring pages, a maze game and lots more. Definitly worth a look if your little one is always after the ipad, even if you just go with the free version, which does have a lot of features.

Its user friendly, and once I had gone through it with BoyG, he was able to sit alone with it. He loves the colouring and the puzzles. He also likes the dress up part and the maze game where the mouse has to get all the cheeses before the cat catches him. Its very addictive. For him and for me!!

I was told about the app by Parragon Books, but it is available to buy here; and if you want to have a quick look, you can preview the app on YouTube; .


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