Monday, 5 November 2012

Mummys little soldier

BabyG once he was well again

I just want to write about my amazing baby and all that he has been through and survived. Apologies if it is a little mixed up. To be honest it is still a tender subject to me but I want to write about someone special that BabyG saw yesterday so I feel I should write about the background of it all.

After his operation in London

BabyG was very poorly when he was only 10 days old. He gave us such a fright! He was rushed to Ipswich hospital in an ambulance where they made sure he was stable and did their very best to get him well again. The problem was with BabyG's heart but as they dont specialise in paedeatric cardiology in Ipswich, BabyG was sent to the Evelina hospital in London. When he was there he went to their intensive care unit. He had a condition called coarctation of the aorta. His aorta was very narrow and went in an hour glass shape so much so that the blood could not flow through. The blood was not being able to flow to the lower half of his body so there was no pulse in his groin, legs, or feet. The reason we didn't know about this earlier, is that when you are in the womb and don't need to use your lungs, you have an extra duct which bypasses the lungs. The blood was bypassing the bit of BabyG that was too thin. That duct goes away gradually and then at around ten days old it dissapears and the heart starts to function normally. When it started to dissapear is when BabyG got poory.

DaddyG's first cuddle after BabyG's operation

BabyG's scar

BabyG had to have open heart surgery at 11 days old, and he was on heart bypass. It was such a hard time for the whole family but out little fighter made a full recovery and I am forever grateful to everybody involved in saving my baby's life!

My midwife came to see BabyG at home when I told her he wasnt himself. She is the one that called an ambulance as when she was holding him his colour just drained from him.

I went to Ipswich hospital yesterday to see someone else who played an important part in saving BabyG. The doctor that helped him in Ipswich asked me to bring him in to see her when he was better. I said I would, although at the time I still didnt think he would make it. But he did! So, I went to see her yesterday afternoon. It was so lovely to see her, and give her a huge hug! She got a lovely cuddle with BabyG while BoyG played with the toys in the waiting area. On our way out to the car, she took us through to the resuscitation room where BabyG had been when he was brought in by ambulance. It felt very strange being back there and it brought back lots of memories. There were a few tears shed today! But im so glad i got to go back to see the doctor and thank her for all she did!

BabyG havinh his check up at the Evelina Childrens Hospital in London

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