Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Swimming Lessons!

BoyG has started swimming lessons at Birch Farm. We told him he was going to go, and bought him a swimming bag. He was so excited!! The first thing he said to me this morning was "Is it my swimming lessons today?". We had a little bit of confusion with his trunks or trunk.... BoyG told me very seriously that we need to go and buy him a trunk. I explained that he had got swimming trunks already and that I would make sure we took them with us. He shouted at me as if I was stupid, and said "I didn't say trunks I said trunk!!!!'. I tried to explain that it was swimming trunks.... He was covering his eyes and I figured out what he meant when he said trunk... "Sweetie do you mean goggles...?". He nodded at me as I finally understood what he meant. I went on to explain that he didn't have any but that he didn't need them yet!

He was still excited despite not having a 'trunk'. So we set off for the pool....

Well he howled for half an hour and didn't relax at all!! DaddyG and I could hear him from behind a glass window!

When BoyG came out of the pool I asked if he liked his lesson. He replied 'No!'. I asked why he didn't like it.... He burst into tears and sobbed 'Pos I thought I was having a truuuunnnnkkkk!!!!'

We will have to buy a pair of goggles before next Wednesday I think!! Fingers crossed he likes it a little bit more next week.....

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