Saturday, 17 November 2012

My little fighter battles again!

Well... What a day!!!

Little BabyG has been a bit poorly lately with a cough and cold. We have had a bad couple of nights, and he has been hard to settle. He has been very sleepy as well. This is what rang alarm bells with me as that is what would happen if his heart wasn't doing what it should be, like before.

I was unsure if it was anything serious. I thought maybe it was just because he had a cold. That always knocks me out when I am ill!

Luckily I thought to send a text to the doctor who I have mentioned in a previous blog. She helped to save BabyG when he was poorly with his heart and I have stayed in contact with her. So I text this morning asking for advice, thinking she would say it sounds fine. She told me to take the baby to a and e so he could get checked as it could be more serious. This lady is wonderful. She is an amazing person, and has helped Riley so much before. So if she says take him then I take him!

I dropped BoyG off at my neighbours and I drove straight to hospital. BabyG and I sat in a and e for hours, we saw a nurse, a doctor and a paediatrician. BabyG was diagnosed with Bronchialitis. As if he hasn't had enough to deal with already, poor little boy!

So much for the doctor telling me a few days ago 'Its just a cough. No need to worry'.

We are now on a ward full of babies who all have the same thing. Breathing is hard work for BabyG. He is mostly managing when he is awake but when he is sleeping he needs a bit of help with some oxygen. He has had an inhaler which seems to have stopped him coughing as much. They are expecting him to get worse before he gets better but BabyG has already proved to be such a brave little fighter so I have every confidence he will come through this quickly.

Get well wishes for my precious little boy please! Lots of prayers for a speedy recovery!


  1. He's a special boy alright. He will be fit and back to 'normal baby' soon. xx

  2. Get well soon, BabyG. Is that toy his, or provided by the hospital?

    1. Thank you Michael. That's his own toy that just happened to be with us.

  3. Thank you Michael. That's his own toy that just happened to be with us.