Saturday, 24 November 2012

Play Doh Sweet Shoppe

Hasbro have very kindly sent me the Play Doh Sweet Shoppe to review with BoyG. He is very creative and this was brilliant for him as it's not just Play Doh, but it's also got lots of bits for busy little hands to push, squish, and wind levers. It managed to hold BoyG's attention or at least an hour and a half in one go - it has been a while since I could find anything that would keep him interested for that long!

He was so excited when he saw the box. Coincidently, we had had to throw his old Play Doh away the previous day as it had gotten a little too used and grubby so I had promised him I would get him some more. The next day, the Sweet Shoppe arrived!!

The age range on the box says 3 years plus. I was a little sceptical that it might be too hard but actually he was fine. He squidged the Play Doh into the syringe to make long bits, and he found it easy enough to use the molds and push down the lever to press the Play Doh into shapes. But his favourite bit by far was winding the handle to make little Play Doh balls. He did that bit again and again and again.

The toy came in several parts but was easy enough to assemble. I had to ask DaddyG for help but BoyG kept telling me how to do it!
It was easy to take apart when we had finished, with no mess, so that we were able to store it neatly in the box for next time.

BoyG's and my creations
I have always wondered about buying the toys like this that have Play Doh in as I thought it would mean lots of mess, and spending money on something that BoyG would use for 5 minutes and walk away, but I would buy this type of thing in the future after seeing how much BoyG got out of it.
I was sent this toy by Hasbro but it is available to buy in toy stores or by using this link to the Hasbro site.

Thank you again Hasbro for a lovely toy. It was great to have something creative to do with BoyG.

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