Monday, 24 December 2012

Anywayup cups - they really are leak proof!!

Im very excited about a product that I have been sent by Its the Big Suck cup which is from the range of Anywayup cups. There are a whole range of cups for different age groups. This one is 12+ months but they do start from 6+ months and go all the way up to 24+ months. They are all brightly coloured so the kids love them. BoyG has been desperate to try this beaker for me but at 3 and a half years I think he may be a tad too big for a beaker :0)

We can't try this one yet as BabyG is only 4 months old, but BoyG did have a couple of the 6 month plus cups when he was smaller and they were fab! They really don't leak! I was so disappointed when I couldn't find them anymore in the shops but they are now available again! You can now buy then from so I will definitly be ordering some soon!

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