Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Stir Up Sunday - Fortnum & Mason Come To Longstowe!

The pudding kit
 I was very kindly sent a Christmas pudding set by Fortnum & Mason. I usually make my own Christmas pudding so I thought it would be good to see how a kit compares to weighing everything out yourself.

My Mum is a food blogger and she was also sent one of these sets. So we thought we would make a family day of it! My Mum's blog is

The ingredients from the kit

My Mum and I travelled to my Dad and Step-Mum in Longstowe. I took the boys with me and we all had a lovely time!

First I'll write about the kit....

Lucky charm and sixpence

It comes with pretty much all you need. The ingredients are all weighed for you, you get a pudding bowl in there, a sixpence and lucky charm to put in the pudding, and you even get the greaseproof paper and the string!! All we needed was a lemon, some brandy, and eggs. Mum brought the lemon and brandy and we got the eggs from the chickens at my Dad and Step-Mum's house (This is why BoyG calls them Grandma and Grandad Chicken!).

Freshly squeezed lemon juice for the pudding
I mixed my pudding together then Mum did hers. We made sure everyone had a good stir of each pudding!

Grandad stirring the pudding
 The kits were so easy to use. It was great not having to weigh anything. And the pudding bowls in the packs were very nice, printed with 'Fortnum and Mason' on them. We cooked the puddings at the same time, and they smelled delicious! I can't wait until Christmas day so we can eat them!!

While Mum and I were making puddings, Grandma and BoyG were busy making mince pies and chocolate cake! BoyG was wearing my Grandad's old apron and he enjoyed tasting the mix to 'check it was OK'!

BabyG played with his toys in the living room while we all cooked, and Grandad did all the dishes :0)


Checking its ok

Grandma and BoyG

The finished pudding

Mum making her pudding

We had a lovely day baking together. I will be looking for one of these kits next year and hopefully we can all get together to do it again.

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