Sunday, 9 December 2012

Book Review - Count To 10 With A Mouse

I have been sent another book to review by Parragon Books. I got BabyG in his cot, then got BoyG bathed and in his pjs then BoyG and I snuggled on the sofa for a story. I love that time of day, just before bed, when we have some real quality time together.

This book is called Count To 10 With A Mouse. It is written by Margaret Wise Brown and beautifully illustrated by Kirsten Richards. Its a lovely story about a cute little mouse that is learning to count as he travels through a hole in his book, counting on each page as he goes.

It was good to read this with BoyG as he is getting very good at counting, and he is starting to recognise numbers when they are written down. This book will be a great help with BoyG's counting.

Thank you Parragon for another great book.

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