Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Hasbro Toy Review - Tickle Me Elmo

I have been sent a Tickle Me Elmo toy from Hasbro toys. First impressions.... He is soooo cute!!! I wanted to play with him!!
Elmo still in his box
BoyG managed to prise Elmo away from me so that he could have a go. The first thing he did was give Elmo a huge cuddle. Then he realised he could tickle him and make him laugh - he thought that was great! BoyG has played with Elmo so much, and he likes to give him loads of cuddles. 
BoyG cuddling Elmo


BoyG giving Elmo a good tickle!
We showed the Tickle Me Elmo toy to BabyG and he was smiling lots. BabyG isn't quite old enough for this toy yet as it is marketed as for ages 12 months plus, and he is only 16 weeks old at the moment. Although he did have fun and it did make him smile, he will enjoy it even more when he is a little older. 
BabyG's turn to have a cuddle
Grandma and BabyG playing with Elmo
Its such a great toy. Elmo is very soft, and a nice eye catching bright red colour. You can squeeze his tummy or feet to tickle him and he has a few different laughs. He is easy to use, and little fingers can make him laugh easily. Elmo has got such a contagious laugh - I challenge you to keep a straight face with Elmo laughing and making your children laugh!

Thanks again Hasbro for another great toy!

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