Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Its starting to look a lot like Christmas.... Getting ready for the big day!

We have been getting ready for Christmas!! I'm afraid that when it comes to Christmas, I am the biggest kid in our house!! DaddyG has been working lots, and BabyG can't really do too much this year, so that just leaves me and BoyG to get on with preparations for the big day.

We went to stay with Nanny and Grandad for a few days, and Grandad took us to a huge shopping center for some Christmas shopping. We didn't get much shopping done but BoyG did get to ride around the shopping centre on a train! We also bumped into a couple of Star Wars Storm Troopers while we were there. They were wandering around with Darth Vader!! BoyG loved seeing them and was all excited about telling DaddyG about them.

MummyG, BoyG and the Storm Troopers!!
We were also able to meet Father Christmas!!!! Before we could go through to see the main man himself, we got to watch a lovely little film in 3D. We saw The Night Before Christmas. This is the closest BoyG has come to the cinema and he sat there in wonder, ducking out of the way of the 3D snowflakes coming out of the screen at us!
MummyG and BoyG in cool 3D glasses
Looking like a cool dude in the 3D glasses!
Back at home, we had another Christmas adventure when we went into town to see the Coca Cola Christmas truck! BoyG thought it was fantastic to see this big red lorry although he didn't really know about it as he hasn't seen the adverts before. He thought it was great that they gave him a mini can of coke. It made him feel very grown up as he is not usually allowed that kind of thing! The bit that he was most impressed with was the small carousel. He was asking for so long if he could have a go on it! We finally finished looking at the lorry so he was able to go on the carousel at last!
A happy BoyG on the carousel!
We got our tree out and BoyG helped me put it up while DaddyG was at work one day. BoyG put all the baubles on, including some yummy Spiderman chocolate baubles, and the Mickey Mouse candy canes. I had to put the star on the top but it was the one that BoyG had picked out - A bright sparkly red one (His favourite colour)!
Decorating the tree
Hanging the baubles on the tree
Stirring the Christmas cake
BoyG even helped me make the Christmas Cake. He put all the ingredients in for me and stirred it all very well. He is a great helper in the kitchen!

All very hard work for a 3 year old so he needed a well earned rest - and a hot chocolate with marshmallows!!
Hot chocolate and marshmallows!

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