Friday, 15 March 2013

Chablis Blogger Challenge 2013

I don't usually bother with which white wine I drink, but I have been sent two bottles of Chablis. Chablis - 2011 Les Pargues Chablis, and Petit Chablis - 2011 Union des Viticulteurs de Chablis.

The Chablis vineyard is found in Northern Burgundy, France. There are four variations grown in the Chablis vineyards; Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru and Chablis Grand Cru. They have different characteristics as they are all grown in different conditions. For example, the Chablis Grand Cru grows on steep slopes where there is a very rich subsoil. The Chablis and the Chablis Premier Cru grow in limestone soil, with the Petit Chablis being found on a more recent limestone soil.

Although the Chardonnay grape is allowed throughout the world, the only grape allowed on the Chablis vineyard is Chardonnay and the Chablis winegrowers expertise and skill is unique.

A quote by Rosemary George, decanter says it all "Chablis is Chardonnay, but not every Chardonnay is Chablis"

Now, I like to slum it with fish and chips but jazz it up with a nice bottle of dry white wine. This one really fits the bill. I found it is cool and crisp with a nice clean smell. I could smell hints of vanilla, peach and grape, and I picked up countryside and green olive tastes. It is a pale golden yellow colour, it is lovely and clear and you can see through it easily. It is not heavy at all.
I also tried the Petit Chablis which is an unoaked chardonnay. This is slightly lighter in colour but still a nice clear pale yellow. The Petit Chablis has a lighter smell to it than the Chablis. You can really smell the lemon in it, making it a clean and fresh smelling wine. I found this had a very refreshing taste. This could be teamed well with a nice Chinese lemon chicken but I would happily drink this with my fish and chips or even just enjoy a glass on its own while I sent my husband out for the dinner!

I was sent this wine as part of a competition. If I win, I will be taking my Mum with me to Chablis - Wish me luck!


  1. Which Chablis les Pargues was it? And what happened with the competiton?