Saturday, 2 March 2013

Wreck It Ralph - BoyG's first trip to the cinema!

I've taken BoyG to the cinema today as he has been asking for weeks. He has been asking to see Wreck It Ralph so off we went to go see it.

As he walked through the main door to the cinema, BoyG whispered 'wow!'

We went and got our tickets and then went to get a drink. BoyG had a kids box with some popcorn, chocolate stars and a drink.

We went in and found a seat, and when we sat down he said 'I'm sighted!' (That is excited for BoyG!)

I think he liked it as I asked him half way through if he wanted to stay or if he was getting bored. He said he wanted to stay. But at the end he said he didn't like the cinema?! I think he did enjoy it but it was all a bit overwhelming as it was his first time and its all very big and loud in there.

He did say he wants to go to the cinema again anther day.

That was lovely to do something with just me and BoyG. I have really missed the quality time we used to have before. I am going to try and do more with him. And as far as the cinema, we will probably go once a month together. Although today was a full priced ticket as that was wgat he wanted to see, they have special £1 tickets on Saturdays for selected kids films, so next month we will have a look at whats on for £1.

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