Friday, 29 March 2013

Fish Is The Dish - Healthy Heart Challenge (Week 1)

This is a challenge I have really been looking forward to. As I have mentioned previously, I live with fussy eaters!! DaddyG does not like fish. He will not eat fish. BoyG doesn't like to eat dinner. It doesn't usually matter what I give him. He will not eat it. I'm sure you can imagine this gets very frustrating! Luckily, the stress is reduced as BabyG will eat anything. Literally anything.

I took on this challenge, hoping to convince my husband that fish is good and that we should eat it more often even if it isn't his favourite dish. I also hope to find recipes that fit in with my diet, and that my fussy BoyG will eat without yet another battle!

So here we are in week 1, and this is what I cooked for the family.....

Fish Pie with salmon, hake and prawns:

I combined a recipe from Fish Is The Dish with a Slimming World recipe. I poached the salmon and hake in skimmed milk with a couple of bay leaves, then took out the fish and used the milk to make a white sauce. I made my sauce with fat free natural fromage frais, dijon mustard and cornflour. I then mixed most of the sauce into the fish and added the cooked prawns. In a seperate pan I boiled some potatoes then mashed them with the remaining white sauce so I didn't need any butter. The fish and sauce went on the bottom of the dish then the mashed potato on top and I cooked it in the oven until the top browned.

BoyG and his friend ate theirs first. That's right they ate it!! They were not too keen on the idea of the prawns so I took the prawns out for them but they did eat the rest!! DaddG and I waited for the boys to be in bed so we could eat it peace. I thought it was delicious, and DaddyG loved it so much that he took the leftovers to work the following day! This dish was certainly a result and will be cooked again.

Haddock Goujons and Chips:

These were so simple!! I cut the haddock into small pieces, dipped them in egg and then into dry smash. Yes, smash! I thought the same as you - what a strange thing to do!! But it actually worked! It was good! I put them in the oven to cook the fish. BoyG loved the goujons so much that he was trying to eat them straight from the hot oven tray!

This was served with homemade chips, swede and cauliflower.
And again, the whole family enjoyed it. BabyG had already had a bowl of dinner but when he saw us eating ours he was getting so excited so I let him try some of mine. He was eating small pieces of caulifower, mashed up swede, and pieces of haddock and he loved it!

Week 1 has been successful. Ive found two new healthy meals that my fussy boys will eat and enjoy.

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