Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers Day 2013

I'm having a not so relaxing Mothers Day with my two boys at home and DaddyG is working till late.

I started the day being woken up by BoyG handing me a card from him and BabyG and a card from DaddyG. He opened the cards for me and showed me the picture he had drawn inside. He asked me what I wanted for breakfast then I fell back to sleep until he came upstairs again with DaddyG and scrambled egg on toast with a coffee!

I needed a lay in after spending hours at a and e last night with BabyG. He has been very poorly with his cough and has been wheezing and not sleeping or feeding properly. He had a chest xray done and has been sent home with some anti biotics and an inhaler. It seems to be doing the trick as he is feeding better already and sleeping. He is still wheezy but the medicine is for 3 days so it still has time to work.

So today I am having lots of cuddles with both boys and trying to keep BoyG busy.
BoyG and I have been drawing on bits of card. He has had some (pretend) spiderman tattoos. And later on we will be making jelly together, and glueing with some dried pasta if we still have time.

We are all tired so I think once they're in bed, it will be time for a nice bath and an early night!

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