Saturday, 2 March 2013

MAM Self Sterilising Bottles - Product Review

BabyG has been given some MAM items to review. He has a teether and some self sterilising bottles.
The Twister teether is great as it's easy for small hands to hold, with ring shaped pieces that baby can get their fingers around. The pieces twist round so it's a toy and teether at the same time. Each piece of the teether has a different design on so there's a varied texture for sore gums. Some pieces are harder than others to give extra variation. There is a rattle built into the teether which helps distract from the pain and discomfort of teething.

The MAM Twister teether is for 6+ months. It is BPA free, Phthalate free and PVC free so it is safe for babies. It has been approved by the International Children Medical Research Society.

BabyG loves this teether! He even screeches and smiles when we hold it up in front of him! He has been playing with it and chewing on all the pieces but he does seem to favour the green piece so he must prefer that texture!!

He has also been given some bottles to test. These are not just any bottles.... They are self sterilising bottles!! How cool is that?! I travel a lot as I live at least an hours car journey from any of my family so I have to take a steriliser with me and enough bottles for if we go out anywhere. My mum has a travel steriliser at her house for when we visit. When I go there, I have to sterilise 4 or 5 bottles, one at a time. They get so hot in the steriliser it makes my fingers sore when taking them out but I don't want to take the big steriliser as with two boys I have got enough to pack. Well this seems perfect for us!! So does it work? BabyG puts them to the test...


My main concerns were:

As they are lots of pieces screwed together, would they leak?
Will BabyG drink from them as the teat is different to what he has been using?
Will it be too fiddly?

These were good. They were so handy for when we were out and about as we could either just take the whole box of formula with us or pick up some ready made milk and we didn't need to worry about how many bottles we took out with us.

The bottles leaked two or three times while we were testing them which was fairly annoying. However we then realised that during sterilisation, the white rubber ring would occasionally lift up which is what caused the leakage. Once I discovered this, I made sure we pushed it firmly in to the base and we didn't experience any leaks after that.

The self sterilising bottles have a couple of extra pieces compared to normal bottles. I thought it would make it fiddly and time consuming but I got used to it very quickly. It's so handy that you can just put one in the microwave to sterilise, especially when you are out for the day. The only problem would be if you didn't have somewhere to wash the bottle.

It does take a little longer to do 3 bottles (5 minutes) than it does to do just one (3 minutes). Plus, when doing bottles in the big steriliser it takes 3 minutes to do them all at once, but if it is day time and you're not desperate for a bottle straight away then it doesn't really make a difference as it is only a couple of minutes extra.

We got on really well with these bottles and we will happily keep using them.

I was given these products by MAM to review but you can purchase them from or from most babies retailers.

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  1. Like the teether, it looks nice and bright and attention getting!